Drawing inspiration from her performance Under The Vaulted Sky, created for  IF: Milton Keynes International Festival 2014, choreographer Rosemary Lee has joined forces with film-maker Roswitha Chesher to create Liquid Gold Is the Air.     Filmed in the Cathedral of Trees, a magical arboretum planted more than 40 years ago in Milton Keynes, this video combines moments of stillness with swathes of vibrant colour, movement and sound  as clusters of dancers appear and disappear amongst a cavernous backdrop of trees.  Together choreographer and filmmaker  have captured a cast of 80 performers as they moved through the dappled sunlight to create a three-screen video installation.  Richly coloured iconographic images and fleeting dances are set against a sound track by Graeme Miller that incorporates an original music composition by Terry Mann.

Awarded a special prize at Limerick’s Light Moves Festival, and described as “delicate and strong, magical yet profoundly tangible and above all full of hope” Liquid Gold is the Air is touring the country and will be viewable as a video installation in the north transept of Oxford’s Christ Church Cathedral during June. (more…)

Under The Vaulted Sky has been created by award-winning choreographer Rosemary Lee for Milton Keynes’ little-known Cathedral of Trees in Newlands, with live music by composer Terry Mann and designs by Louise Belson.  Rosemary has assembled a cast of over 100 dancers and musicians from across the region who will lead the audience on a journey around the Cathedral in a performance that draws on history, nature and stories inspired by the still beauty of this truly unique and magical location.  As audiences weave around this cathedral made of trees, they will encounter a combination of fleeting dances, delicate installations and a wonderfully vibrant soundscape of bells, trombones and percussion. (more…)