In a summer in which I hardly left home artistic and cultural events provided occasional holiday diversions from domestic and other concerns.  Looking back over largely unplanned viewing what strikes me are extremes and questions of scale, from the largest to the most minimal.

For of course in this of all years the stand-out events for sheer scale – enormity of space, number of performers, size of audience (80,000 present and millions round the globe), marathon length and vaulting ambition – have been the opening and closing events of the Olympics and Paralympics. (more…)

Monday 13 to Saturday 18 August at the Burton Taylor Studio

Looking to do something a little bit different?
All you need is £3 and 15 minutes…
Everyday Moments: Late night, with headphones, in a completely, utterly dark room is a unique experience by Hofesh Shechter.
Created to be listened to alone, you’ll take headphones into the darkness of the empty Burton Taylor Studio. With his own words and some irresistible music, Hofesh invites you to move around the space. With no-one watching, you are free to dance without inhibition… (more…)