Over the past four weeks the always innovative nocturndance has been posting a series of four short but atmospheric video dances by John Darvell made with creative team Deborah Ann Camp, Ben Johnston and Liz Allum.  The series is now complete and you can find them on nocturndance’s Vimeo page here:


The titles of the films are as follows:


Torn open…

The slow descent…

A new path

John writes:  “After the moment, raging emotions from the harsh brutal force of change brings to life a new path. Please take the videos for what they are, just fleeting moments of expression, for you to watch and take in.”

Lizzy Spight attended the January Dance Scratch Night at the Pegasus Theatre to see works in development by local dance artists, including some for Moving with the Times, the Dancin’ Oxford platform.  Audience feedback and discussion was facilitated by Fiona Millward.  Lizzy writes:

The first work in progress was Ellyfish & Things by Elly Crowther and Emma Goodwin; a colourful piece with playful elements around the subject of “Happiness”.  Little nuggets of wisdom are framed by playful short dances which bring up the memory of childhood, including some of its darker sides.  This was originally made for a children’s show, and the artists think that to present it as a duet rather than a  solo brings more out of it by enabling it to represent various relationships, maybe mother and child, or two children? (more…)