For two nights at the Théâtre de Verdure, Ballet Nice Méditerranée offered an exceptional triple bill: the opening performances of Dwight Rhoden’s new ballet Verse us, Nacho Duato’s Por vos muero (1996) and Alvin Ailey’s Night Creature (1975).

Rhoden has said that he takes inspiration from the dancers before him, and Verse us fitted the company like a glove. Their speed, accuracy and attack brilliantly matched Rhoden’s sharp but fluid, edgy yet elegant, choreography, both shaping and shaped by Nils Frahm’s musical score and sound track. Rhoden made these exquisite dancers look wonderful, using their strong classical technique (the women on pointe) to create a fast-moving modern work for seven couples in which the women, to my pleasure, were not treated as objects, but danced as equals with the men. (more…)