A chance for all those interested in dance in Oxford to have their say about what they’re up to, what they’ve seen, what they’d like to see…

Welcome to Oxford Dance Writers.  Initiated in 2009, the site was re-launched in 2010 to coincide with the Dancin’ Oxford Festival and has since become an established platform in the Oxford dance scene We would like to encourage dance enthusiasts of all ages, students, academics and professionals in Oxford to share information and thoughts about the dance events and writings they experience here, and enter debate with fellow dance lovers.

In addition to information about forthcoming events and activities in Oxford you will find reviews of performances and books, and reflections on the latest burning question… we encourage all to read and respond and join the discussion online. You can find out here about the Dance Writers of the Future Project, a scheme developed in 2009 to foster new writing and informed critical debate about dance among Oxford student communities.  You will also find information about Dance and Academia which provides opportunities for academics and dance practitioners to come together in seminars and conferences.

We look forward to reading a range of opinions.  This is a moderated site so postings and comments may not appear immediately.  Strong views on matters cultural and professional, on works and on performance are welcome, but please avoid comments likely to give personal offence.


Moderator: Susie Crow