Drawing inspiration from her performance Under The Vaulted Sky, created for  IF: Milton Keynes International Festival 2014, choreographer Rosemary Lee has joined forces with film-maker Roswitha Chesher to create Liquid Gold Is the Air.     Filmed in the Cathedral of Trees, a magical arboretum planted more than 40 years ago in Milton Keynes, this video combines moments of stillness with swathes of vibrant colour, movement and sound  as clusters of dancers appear and disappear amongst a cavernous backdrop of trees.  Together choreographer and filmmaker  have captured a cast of 80 performers as they moved through the dappled sunlight to create a three-screen video installation.  Richly coloured iconographic images and fleeting dances are set against a sound track by Graeme Miller that incorporates an original music composition by Terry Mann.

Awarded a special prize at Limerick’s Light Moves Festival, and described as “delicate and strong, magical yet profoundly tangible and above all full of hope” Liquid Gold is the Air is touring the country and will be viewable as a video installation in the north transept of Oxford’s Christ Church Cathedral during June.

Rosemary Lee writes:
“As a child I was transfixed by the grace and elegance of Norwich Cathedral with its mysterious carvings in the roof. A battered postcard image of the golden green man in the cloisters has travelled with me through my adult years and so when I was invited to create a work for the Cathedral of Trees an arboretum planted on the footprint of Norwich Cathedral in Milton Keynes, I could not resist the challenge. As artist in residence during 2013-14 with the IF Milton Keynes International Festival, I created a live performance – Under the Vaulted Sky – for the tree cathedral involving 100 performers, many of whom were local to the area. Drawing inspiration from the woodland and stone cathedrals, the performers themselves and also Medieval and Renaissance art, I then created a second work, this time on video in collaboration with the dance filmmaker Roswitha Chesher. I wanted to create a contemporary moving altar-piece which could tour to cathedrals, churches and galleries nationally and internationally.”

Under the Vaulted Sky and Liquid Gold is the Air have been commissioned by The Stables for IF: Milton Keynes International Festival 2014, and supported by an Arts Council England Exceptional Award and Milton Keynes Council.  Sponsored by the University of Bedfordshire with support from MK Community Foundation, South East Dance and The Parks Trust. Produced by The Stables and Artsadmin with Rosemary Lee Projects.

Showing:  28th May – 23rd June 2016, daily 10.00am-4.30pm; runs on a 15-minute loop throughout church opening hours

Venue:  Christ Church Cathedral, St Aldates, Oxford OX1 1DP

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