A chance to see one of Oxford’s most engaging and idiosyncratic dancers, Flavia Coube, in an evening hommage to two composers who have challenged, inspired and influenced numerous choreographers…  OVADA Stammtisch presents An evening with… John Cage, Erik Satie and Oxford Improvisers this week at the OVADA Gallery.  Oxford Improvisers write:  “It being neither the centenary of Erik Satie nor John Cage (nor of any calendrical significance to either), Oxford Improvisers are celebrating the work of two of the most iconoclastic composers of the twentieth century with an evening of entertainment featuring members of the collective as well as guest dancers, visual artists and the virtual presence of Satie and Cage in film and verbal recording.”

Thursday 24th April: Doors open: 7.30pm, Performance 8.00pm

Venue: Ovada Gallery, 14A Osney Lane, Oxford OX1 1NJ

Free admission

Featuring Malcolm Atkins, Rosalind Bleach, Flavia Coube, Chris Dammers, Jill Elliott, Késia Decoté, Dan Goren, Bruno Guastalla, Martin Hackett, Aya Kasal, Karen Kay, Stavroula Kounadea, Sam Kidel, Pete McPhail, Paul Medley, Santiago Martinez Satizabal, Jon Seagrott, Austin Sherlaw-Johnson, Chris Stubbs, Pat Thomas.

With special thanks for technical support to Adrian Pawley, Pier Corona, Daniel Puig

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