Yesterday’s press launch of CATS showed what a treat Oxford’s Christmas audiences will enjoy at the New Theatre this year.  We were beguiled by cast members in full feline costume mingling among us, before Sophia Ragavelas (ex-RBS Junior Associate, ex-London Studio Centre Cecchetti scholar, and star of the show) sang “Memory”.  The hugely entertaining question-and-answer session with producer David Ian revealed that Oxford will be given the 1991 production for proscenium arch, which was devised by the original creative team, including choreographer Gillian Lynne.  If you love musicals, this show should be (dare I say it?) “purrfect” for Christmas, and tickets are already on sale:
CATS runs in Oxford from Tue 17 Dec 2013 to Sun 5 Jan 2014.

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Maggie Watson
2 October 2013