PointZero Physical Theatre present the premiere performance of their physical/dance-theatre production piece – RECYCLE: Disposable Lives for 2-nights only at the Old Fire Station (OFS) on 15th & 16th March 2013.  This works-in-progress professional premiere performance finally arrives over 12-months after its initial thought-conception; it has been developed with workshops, devising sessions and rehearsals taking place in 4 different countries and includes a 10-piece cast from 5 different countries.  The company is particularly excited to re-collaborate with and include PointZero Associate and award-winning professional dancer/performer Nathalie Frossard from Switzerland within the company for Recycle.   Nathalie is a highly accomplished, world-class professional contemporary dancer & dance-theatre performer who has been collaborating with PointZero Physical Theatre for 10 years.

About the show:
Three ‘characters’ are found rummaging through rubbish bins on the street; it transpires that the ‘rubbish’ is in fact representative of each of the individuals fractured hopes and dreams, – ‘jig-saw pieces’ of their life ‘story’.

RECYCLE: Disposable Lives explores the questions of isolation, value and human fragility & belief through the tragi-beauty life stories of various different characters. Each life-story unfolds before us with tangible humour and sadness, hope & hopelessness, hurt, joyfulness and tender beauty, expressed through an exciting and compelling fusion of physical-theatre, contemporary dance, monologue, poetry, mime & rich symbolism.

Terry (played by Danny Scott), an elderly, ex-military man sits slumped on a bench, mumbling to himself, unable to reconcile his past respected position with his current reality; Ethel (played by Nathalie Frossard) a faded beauty and former academic scholar, scrabbles amongst street rubbish, searching for anything that perhaps might help her to shake off the haunting memory of her own aching ‘loss’; Leeza (played by Anja Meinhardt), a young girl who appears to have barely shaken off her teenage years, retreats into the street shadows; a suspected runaway, she looks out-of-place on the street.  Her exact story is unclear, her rampant vulnerability is not!  “It isn’t safe here anymore…” she whispers from inside her own world, but where else can she go?

RECYCLE: Disposable Lives – Dynamic, compelling and exhilarating dance, poetry, physical theatre that delights the soul, stimulates the mind and ignites the heart.
Old Fire Station (OFS), George Street, Oxford

Friday 15th and Saturday 16th March, 7.30PM

Tickets £8.00 /£6.50 (conc.).

Tickets are on sale now via the company webpage: www.pointzero.me  or directly via this link