Diamond Night

Friday, October 21, 8pm

Pegasus Theatre, Magdalen Road, Oxford OX4 1RE

The latest in a two-year series of quarterly arts evenings, curated by Café Reason Butoh Dance Theatre, Diamond Night is an informal platform for sharing new performance ideas, choreographies, interactions, and experiments. With an eclectic mix of dance and music, together with video and spoken word, Diamond Night aims to bring uncut performance gems to a wider audience. Some parts of this performance include nudity.

Café Reason is an experimental performance group specialising in butoh, the iconoclastic dance form that originated in postwar Japan. Based in Oxford, Café Reason is the only permanent butoh company in the UK outside London and has achieved a fine reputation for its innovative theatre, site-specific and improvised performances. From its establishment in 1997, Café Reason has been committed to an ongoing process of exploration. Its work increasingly displays a synergy with other artists and art forms, combining dance with original music, poetry, installation art, and video: Diamond Night is intended to further this collaboration.

Cost:  Free

Book Online or call 01865 812150


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