The Oxford-based experimental dance group, Café Reason Butoh Dance Theatre, who have a longstanding reputation for compelling and original performances, return to the splendidly-refurbished Pegasus Theatre on the 3rd and 4th of June with their new show Matrix. Grown out of Café Reason’s popular, quarterly ‘Diamond Night’ arts showcase at Oxford Brookes University, which has given individual members of the collective an opportunity to develop their choreographic skills, Matrix presents a sparkling array of solos, duets, and ensemble pieces that offer audiences a tantalising glimpse into the distorting butoh mirror. Onstage, a series of alternative little worlds unfold, with their unique qualities of drama, mystery, humour, or pathos, and their own interior logic, while, in the shiny new foyer, café, and other public spaces of the theatre, the strange inhabitants of these worlds may also be encountered. In this show, Café Reason are allowing the enigmatic butoh experience to spill out of the confines of the stage and flow into everyday reality, while at the same time celebrating the new theatre space.

Guided by the mistress of ceremonies ‘Ma Trixie’, the audience is invited to enter the butoh world and meet its strange and intriguing inhabitants. Onstage, a succession of varied short performances play out the logic of alternative realities, where the rules are not quite as we know them, while before the show and in the interval, in the foyer and other public spaces of the theatre – ‘out of the box’ – some of these diverse characters may also be encountered.
Each item has been devised and developed by a different member of Café Reason, so both the outward style of performance and the inner world of the performers are richly varied. However, all the pieces have been shaped by the fully-committed, rigorous approach of butoh practice, which seeks physical authenticity and emotional integrity, in order, through movement, to state something about what it is to be human.

Friday 3rd and Saturday 4th June, 8.00pm
Tickets £10, (£8 concessions, £6 under 18)
Box Office: 01865 812150
Pegasus Theatre, Magdalen Road, Oxford OX4 1RE