PointZero physical theatre presents


For one-night-only, a previously ‘dis-used’, or ‘differently-used’ open space is literally, physically transformed into a unique, intimate café/wine bar; where drinks are served, conversations unfold, laughter is heard and stories are told; – ‘life’ is experienced… against the inspired, relaxed backdrop of ‘live’ music & song, poetry, monologue, visual/fine art and physical performance.

‘Café Life’ is a meeting-of hearts-and minds, a chill-out oasis amid the sometimes punishing dry heat of pressured life, this cosy hide-away offers customers a warm, welcoming environment where the realities of everyday life, gently spill out and are shared and reflected amongst an easy-ambience of excitement, friendship and play, expressed over cup of coffee, or a glass of wine; within an delightful atmosphere of unassuming creativity, offering rehearsed, as well as spontaneously improvised presentation & performance.

The evening’s intimate, easy-rolling performances, include professional and non-professional artists, a loosely pre-arranged performance programme, as well as an ‘open mic/floor’ set, where Café Life customers are spontaneously invited to participate within the evenings’ performance programme, – so if you’re feeling inspired and have a poem, or creative expression hidden away, but rumbling deep down inside of you wanting and waiting to be released… maybe this is your time to release it?!

20th November / 7:30PM / The King’s Centre, Osney Mead, Oxford, OX2  0ES /
Entrance: £5.00 (donation) / http://www.pointzero.me