If you didn’t get to see this last year at the Old Fire Station here is another opportunity;

Utsav – The Celebration

‘…celebrating an evening of dance, music and literature through mesmerizing and enchanting narrative Kathak’

Thursday, 7th October, 7.45pm The Theatre Chipping Norton

Presented by Drishti Dance

The Indian city of Lucknow, previously known as Awadh, is remembered fondly by historians for its rich cultural heritage in the arts of literature, music, and dance. Utsav is a jubilant celebration of the famous city’s musical traditions through an interpretive performance of an Indian classical dance, Kathak.
Awadh has left a strong legacy in the form of the Lucknow school of Kathak also known as the Lucknow Gharana – a unique blend of two distinct styles – the devotional Temple Kathak and the exotic Darbari Kathak. Encompassing the narratives from ancient Sanskrit texts, mythology, medieval love poetry to Sufi mysticism and delicate romanticism and philosophy of Urdu poetry, Kathak is the most secular dance style of India.
Dancers from Oxford and the surrounding areas, led by dancer-choreographer Anuradha Chaturvedi, come together in an evening of exquisite and inspired Kathak works with elaborate narrative sequences, richly interwoven with intricate footwork patterns and sweeping abstract movements.

Transcending the traditions….
The evening features a new innovative piece “A host of Golden Daffodils”, a dynamic interpretation of Wordsworth’s immortal poem through narrative elements of the dance form first presented at OFS studio, Oxford in 2009 under the mentorship of Susie Crow.  Using Indian Classical music as a backdrop in a form of traditional compositions in well known ragas, Raga Basant and Bahar, Oxford based improvisation musician Malcolm Atkins narrates and improvises the poem in his own distinct style.
This new work is framed by more traditional pieces representative of both Temple and Darbari styles, exemplifying the background and roots of the dance style and the seamless integration of the mathematics of rhythm.

Dancers: Katrina Robinson, Sonali Alim, Anthea Cage, Ishani Roy, Sonali Gawde, Meena Anand, Anuradha chaturvedi
Music and narration: Malcolm Atkins
Choreography: Anuradha Chaturvedi