July 2010

2010 Biennial Conference of the International Society for Religion, Literature and Culture

On the topic of:
Attending to the Other: Critical Theory and Spiritual Practice

23rd – 26th September 2010, at St. Catherine’s College, University of Oxford

2 performance sessions:

Friday 24.9.2010, 13:30-15:00, Bernard Sunley Lecture Theatre

Performing Arts
Chair: Dana Mills

Christopher-Ra`sheem McMillan, To be Forever Rebuilding

Jane Huber (Union Theological Seminary), Keeping Time: Sung Gospels and Moving Images

Hannah Chalut (University of East London), The Mevlevi Dervish as Bridge between Divine ‘Other’ and Human ‘Other’

Evlyn Gould (University of Oregon), Sephardic Sounds in fin-de-siècle France

Gwendolyn Starks (University of St Andrews), Becoming Dorothy:  Discussing the Other Through the Actor’s Technique of Character Study

Saturday, 25.9.2010, 18:00-19:10

Dance Performance and Discussion

Bernard Sunley Lecture Theatre
Ross McKim (Principal, Artistic Director, Rambert School)

More information and registration available at:

Thursday 22 July 2.30pm

An opportunity to see a dress rehearsal of Kompany  Malakhi’s new production Rotations that is touring to festivals  across the UK this summer.

Rotations is a unique synthesis of Extreme Sport,  Physical Theatre, Breakin’ and Contemporary Dance performance for  Summer 2010. Kompany Malakhi continue to create their unique  brand of cutting edge work with this gritty yet graceful exploration of cause  and effect.

Fusing BMX flatland, Parkour, Breakin’ and  contemporary dance, Rotations presents this extreme combination as an intricate  and elegant game exploring themes of rumour and  misinformation.

Hailed as “Powerful and enlightening” by critics,  Rotations began as Project 360° in 2008 and was such a success, the  new show is anticipated to be one of the most exhilarating outdoor  performances witnessed this

Artistic Director, Kwesi Johnson  says:
“BMX Flatland and Parkour/Free Running has captured  the imagination of all ages, it is part of a new wave of activity that  challenges traditional definitions of sport. That is what Kompany Malakhi  celebrates, we are excited about capturing and fusing these new urban  disciplines with dance and physical theatre in a performance beyond  definition.”

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