June 2010


‘Contemporary Interpretations of the Classical’

A multidisciplinary seminar-workshop evening
Monday 28thJune, 6-8.30pm
Long Room, New College, Holywell Street

Sitara Thobani
(Oxford University) on the relationship between post-/colonial
history and Indian traditional dance forms

Dr Fiona Macintosh (Archive for the Performance of Greek and Roman Drama)
on contemporary explorations of classical drama

Anuradha Chaturvedi
gives a workshop-demonstration on interpreting
contemporary poetry through classical Indian Kathak dance. To listen and to join

Small donation appreciated to cover costs.

Once again Cafe Reason presents Diamond Nights, an evening of new dance, live music and film by local artists…

Saturday 19th June, 8.00pm

Free, donations welcome

Brookes Drama Studio, Headington Hill

For more information check out the Cafe Reason website.

Dana Mills writes:

“Education is the point at which we decide whether we love the world enough to assume responsibility for it and by the same token to save it from that ruin, which, except for renewal, except for the coming of the new and the young, would be inevitable”.

Hannah Arendt, Teaching as Leading

Teaching is one of the hardest, and most underestimated, jobs in the world. It involves an ever present conflict, apparent in this quote from Arendt, between the new and different, the original, and the world as we know it as teachers.  It always varies from the need to conserve a tradition and leaving some space for innovation.

Dance teaching, similar to any other form of teaching, draws on this conflict, and many others…It would be interesting to read: who were the dance teachers who inspired you? How did you feel that experience impacted you as a dancer and as a person? Let’s share our experiences!

My most memorable dance teacher had the ability to enable us as students to enjoy the process, rehearsals, trials and tribulations; she was completely honest and open about her questions regarding the way dance should be approached, and helped us get involved in this learning process in the most profound way. She had a great respect for tradition, and at the same time, left space for each student’s personality, strengths and individual features; and helped us as ballet students appreciate and love the tradition but at the same time try to find ourselves in it.  She empowered me as a person and as a dancer. For me, she is, and always will be, a teacher par excellence, and moreover- a mentor.

Contemporary Dance Workshop with Laila Diallo! Laila Diallo is coming to Oxford to offer a contemporary dance workshop to Oxford-based dancers involving a technique class and a choreographic workshop!

After dancing with Wayne McGregor’s Random Dance for 8 years, Laila has recently come to prominence for her choreographic work and received a Rayne Fellowship for Choreographers in 2006. As a performer she regularly collaborates with other artists. Sense of Self, a duet co-created and performed with Montreal-based choreographer and dancer Mélanie Demers, is currently touring in Europe and Canada. For more information about Laila Diallo and her work, see http://www.myspace.com/lailadiallo.

The workshop is open to all with some dance experience, and is a really great opportunity! Thursday 10th 1-4pm £6 The Moser Theatre, Wadham College (find a map at http://www.freefalldance.org.uk/?q=node/151) For more information, or to book your place, email freefalloxford@gmail.com http://www.freefalldance.org.uk